Karen Chaston

My name is Karen Chaston, and I’m the Co-Founder of “The Chaston Centre.”

My journey took me down the corporate path until the day life’s weight came crashing down upon me. The ceaseless balancing act of managing work, family, a lavish home, cars and the resultant stress had been wearing me thin long before tragedy struck. In July 2011, my world was shattered by the sudden and unexpected death of my 27-year-old son, Dan, right at my back doorstep.

Following Dan’s funeral, I resolutely returned to my demanding role as Chief Financial Officer in a Publicly Listed Company. I threw myself into work even more intensely, seeking solace in increased drinking and eating. I used every coping mechanism at my disposal to continue functioning and achieving at that high level.

In hindsight, I now recognise that Dan’s passing was meant to be a wake-up call. The Universe chose this moment to reveal that LOSS assumes many forms—loss of a loved one, a marriage, a job, a partnership, a pet, health and wealth. My second reckoning arrived 15 months later in the form of redundancy, as my company merged with another. This was the most profound blessing I had ever received. It gifted me the opportunity to pause, take a mindful breath and reflect. Gazing at my reflection, I saw a stranger staring back. One, that I did not particularly like!

That is when I started on my Journey to Becoming My Own Best Friend. I very quickly understood that Dan’s presence was by my side, guiding each step. He had accrued wisdom and willingly shared it with me.

Together, we birthed The Chaston Centre’s initiatives—programs, webinars, books, podcasts and TV shows.

These endeavours amalgamated my acquired wisdom (with Dan’s guidance) from my transformation: transitioning from an existence marred by monotony and ill health as a CFO to my current identity as an exuberant Beyond Loss Expert, International Best-Selling Author Global Speaker and Collaborator (Beyond Limitations with Lesley Benson).

Dan and I enthusiastically unveil our newfound outlook, demonstrating how one can readily embrace Life and Love each day. We advocate harmonising your nine spheres of existence—mentally emotionally, physically, spiritually, Family, Socially, Environmentally, Professionally and Financially—through the Chaston Centre 4 Pillars:

  • All About You.
  • All About Your Relationships
  • All About Your Expertise
  • All About Your Wealth-Creation

My personal experiences and my aspiration to redefine loss—both individually and within workplaces—form the bedrock of all Chaston Centre programs.

As individuals internalise these principles, they can transcend various types of loss and forge improved daily lives.

For corporations, adopting these principles unlocks the nexus between people and profits. This ensures that employees consistently operate at their prime, valuing one another whilst delivering optimum customer experiences and enhancing corporate returns.

My guiding motto encapsulates my philosophy: “Life is too fleeting to be ‘held prisoner by any form of loss. Unwrap the blessings it brings, then architect a life that is both lived and loved, each and every day.”

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