Lesley Benson

Greetings, I’m Lesley Benson, the co-founder of DevasbeingDivas, and a collaborator with Karen Chaston in Beyond Limitations.

Life has a knack for pushing us in unexpected directions, often against our resistance, and compelling us to step out of our comfort zones. I can certainly attest to the unpredictability of life’s journey, which has led me across three continents, fueling my passion for travel. Who knows, I may discover more countries to call home in the future. My mantra in life has become “never say never.”

My professional journey began as a dental hygienist, but my fascination with human wellness and its intricate mental, physical, and spiritual connections led me to explore various complementary health modalities. As an intuitive healer and life coach, my calling lies in helping individuals uncover and design the lives they truly desire.

I’m a practical and down-to-earth guide, dedicated to assisting clients in navigating the changes they seek, always tailored to their unique needs. My journey as a single working parent, raising a son who now leads an independent life abroad, has instilled in me the importance of collaboration, building tribes through friendship and support, and recreating the “extended family” that the modern world has lost but so sorely needs.

In my view, friendship is the cornerstone of life. It empowers us to establish connections, not only in our careers but also within our families and communities. By acknowledging our past wounds and allowing ourselves to heal, we can co-create a more loving and nurturing world. I firmly believe that by addressing these issues, we can pave the way for our children and future generations to thrive, not just survive. It all starts with creating a ripple, akin to dropping a pebble into a tranquil lake, setting the waves of positive change in motion. You can do this for yourself.

My personal journey has been marked by numerous twists and turns, from feelings of abandonment to facing near financial ruin and strained relationships. I’ve learned that pain and hurt can only persist if we feed them, and I chose to uncover the lessons and embrace the possibilities of a life filled with love and passion.

I extend the same desire for transformation to you and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to support you in achieving the change you seek to live the life you truly want.

Until we meet again,

With Love,