A Journey to Becoming Your Own Best Friend

In 2013, faced with redundancy, I took a hard look in the mirror.

The reflection that stared back, scared me – a person I didn’t recognise; overweight, lost and angry.

It was in that moment that I decided to rescue her and to find a better way to live and love my life.

My quest is best described as “My Journey to Become My Own Best Friend.”

I started putting me first, not from an ego-driven perspective, but from a place of love. I knew that the way I been living was the hard way. Sure, I looked successful on the inside, though I was on the fast track to a heart attack, type2 diabetes, a stroke or possibly even an early death.

Things needed to change. Thankfully I had the resources to invest time and money in mentors and coaches who could guide me. It wasn’t an easy path. It was often lonely. Constantly being  confronted by my inner demons.

The more I learned new concepts and perspectives, the more I realised, just how diseased my corporate life was. Realising that it was not just me, most of my peers were the same. We were dog-eat-dog. We were in survival and it truly was survival of the fittest, though physically we were not fit.

  • Does this sound familiar?
  • Can you relate to the world I’m describing?
  • Are you currently part of that world, wondering why it has to be that way?
  • Wondering surely there must be another way, an easier way to succeed at such a high level?

The more I embraced self-care, the clearer everything became. Who would have thought that by putting yourself first, you could truly start to live and love your life?

My journey led me to co-found The Chaston Centre, a place for Meaningful Living.

Over ten years later, as a a Beyond Loss Expert, International Speaker, International Bestselling Author,  I’ve woven my experiences into books, keynotes, programs, retreats and collaborations; enriching the lives of many.

My beloved son, Dan, who will forever remain 27, has been my guiding light.

His presence has assisted me to find me again ~ a woman who reflects her true essence thanks to walking her talk by living and loving each and every day.

Have you looked in the mirror lately? Are you happy with who is staring back at you?

Reach out if you’re not happy with the person staring back at you.

Until we meet again, please remember that You Are Simply the BEST!

Karen & Lesley

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