Embracing Maslow’s Wisdom for Modern Success

If people aren’t well-fed, don’t feel safe and are badly in need of hugs then it doesn’t matter

how much personal development you suggest if their basic needs aren’t met first.”      



Let’s start our week by honouring one of the foundational principles of human psychology- Maslow’s first principle in the Hierarchy of Needs.

He reminds us that to be able to reach for the stars, you must ensure your foundational needs are met.

Many years ago, Hope was living in the thriving metropolis of Progress Bay. Hope had big dreams and aspirations. Her yearning for success, happiness and fulfilment lead her on a constant quest to achieve more, to be more. Yet in the pursuit of these goals, she had forgotten one crucial thing: to honour Maslow’s first layer of needs.

Every day she worked tirelessly at her demanding job, often neglecting her health and well-being. She would skip meals, pull all-nighters and rarely find time to relax. Sleep well that was a luxury for another day. Her cramped apartment a pit-stop and definitely not her sanctuary.

Weeks and months went by on the same trajectory till one morning Hope was rushing to a crucial meeting and her body gave in. She felt weak, dizzy and unable to concentrate. Her vision blurred and the next thing she knew she was laying on the ground. People passing by rushed to her assistance and called an ambulance much to her chagrin. It was her wake up call.

While recuperating Hope had plenty of time for reflection and concluded that in her pursuit of lofty goals, she had built her foundations on sand. Success could only come by getting the foundational blocks on firm ground.

Hope knew things need to be rebalanced.

  • She prioritised her health – balanced meals, improved hydration. Water the building blocks of the body. Increased her sleep hours.
  • She moved and created a home to be proud of – a place she could come home to that provided safety, comfort and nurtured her well-being.

Yet in creating these changes a surprising thing happened.

  • Her focus improved.
  • Her creativity soared.
  • Her emotional stability improved.
  • Her time management skills increased.
  • She had time for friends to share experiences with.

Hope discovered that taking care of her physiological needs she was able to build a strong foundation and she was able to build her dreams from a place of strength, vitality and vigour.

Hope now agrees well-being and success are intertwined.

No one wishes to be like Hope and be stopped in their tracks to make changes.


5 Tips to assess your own life

1. Ask yourself

 Is my life built on sand or firm foundations?

  • Am I getting enough sleep every week?
  • Am I hydrating enough?
  • Do I make time in my schedule for physical activities?
  • Do I make time for family and friends?
  • Is my home a Pit stop or my sanctuary?

2. Evaluate

  • Ask yourself where you can improve
  • Create a vision where you are in alignment with honouring your own personal physiological needs.

3. Cultivate

  • Create an environment filled with positive influences and like-minded people that share your values and beliefs.
  • Foster a positive and collaborative workplace

4. Consistency

  • Take regular consistent action to achieving your gaols and adapt as necessary

5. Learn

  • If you need to pivot, take the necessary steps.


It is being observant and diligent in taking care of ourselves that we are able to maintain a life of design that grows for beyond our expectations. Our awareness in what we require for our own personal needs allows us to be open to seeing where these needs may not be being met in other parts of the world and allows us foster possibilities that we may not have even dreamed of yet.


Reach out if you’d like to know the learn more.

Until we meet again, please remember that you are Simply the BEST!

Karen and Lesley


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