The Healing Power of Green

Have you ever thought someone not fighting for you, was the best thing that ever happened?

In my case, I have gratitude to Daniel, my former CEO.

In late 2012, when our company was merging with another, the new directors decided that I would not be the CFO though they wanted me for a lesser role, “doing all that you do now plus more.” Of course, for less money – actually two-thirds of my current salary.

Daniel gave me the greatest gift anyone can give another.

He gave me a reason to say NO and then to STOP.

The stopping allowed me to deep dive into the way that I was living. This gift allowed me to know that we are all here in this realm to learn and grow.

To learn many lessons along the way. It is through our many losses, that we grow the most. And sometimes we require Mentors in our life to assist us to gain a new perspective on how to easily navigate what we are going through and have been through.

I love who I have become and what I do.

How could I not?……………………. I assist people to move beyond any kind of loss and create their better everyday life!

My son, Dan who passed away in 2011 truly saved my life. As now through healthier food choices, I have reversed any major illness, I was rapidly heading towards.

A few years ago, I resonated with a post that stated, “if you are always angry you probably require more green in your life.”

I thought, OMG, that was me.

I was always angry when I was living my CFO life. Always trying to prove something, always needing to be right. So ridiculous. And yes, I rarely ate green vegetables, then.

Now I have green juice several times a day, as well as many salads.

Though as I delved deeper into the comment, I realised that green is also the colour of the heart chakra.

Recognising that during my CFO days, I required more love in my life, especially for myself. It’s also the colour of nature. I did not spend much time in nature or grounding myself either, then.

  • How about you, are you always angry?
  • Do you require more green in your life?
  • More vibrant energy-giving plant-based food?
  • And more importantly, more Love, for yourself and others?

I was too busy making a living instead of living as though I loved myself. And if I’m honest I was not truly loving others around me, either.

How can you love others when you don’t love yourself?

Over the past 12 years, since Dan’s passing, I discovered that:

  • “if you are the only person, you will spend your entire life with, why do you put yourself last and give up on your dreams?
  • when you drift apart from the real you, life does not work. It may for a little while, though it will not long term.

And most importantly, I discovered that you don’t have to spend your health to get your wealth.

  • How often do you ignore your body?
  • How often do you ignore your mind?
  • How often do you ignore your inner voice?
  • How often do you ignore your friends and family?
  • How often do you keep yourself busy, with just being busy?
  • How often do you waste your hard-earned money?
  • How often do you tap dance to work and tap dance home?


What have you discovered from answering these questions?

Until we meet again, please remember that You Are Simply the BEST!

Karen & Lesley

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