Beyond Suffering: A New Perspective on Grief and Loss

I wish that I had been aware of everything that we share with you when I was going through all of my life’s tragic loss events

I did it the hard way. The same way that my grandparents and parents did it. They all had many major loss events. They all lost a child and many loved ones. Experienced breakdown of marriages, job losses, business losses, home foreclosures, financial losses, major health scares and many more loss events. I saw how they grieved and suffered. Mostly in silence.  And I was following the same pattern. Until I stopped and started looking for answers to some deep and meaningful questions.

The answers to those questions will be revealed in throughout our various posts. As you read, watch and listen you will learn how you can easily move beyond any kind of loss and create your better everyday life.

Love and loss are everyday occurrences.

The overwhelming emphasis is placed on learning how to acquire things to make life successful and happy. We have learned much about acquiring things, we have precious little accurate information on what to do when we lose people and things. This is quite ridiculous when you consider that we are all liable to face several major losses throughout our lives.

Sometimes loss is even predictable. Sometimes, like me, you will wake thinking you are going to have a lazy day at home, though within minutes you realise you have woken to learn how to move beyond a Mother’s Worst Nightmare!

Very few of us want to talk about loss, think about it and even less of us even know what to say when loss occurs (any kind of loss). Our universal lack of ‘loss intelligence’ can cause us to go into avoidance and suffer in silence. Creating a massive impact on our health, quality of life, our relationships and all other areas of our life.

It’s time to acknowledge that the way the majority of us, currently process the feelings caused by loss is not working for us; individually, as a community or for the western world.

That is why our posts are different.

We assist you to realise that just like a hangover, neither triumphs nor disasters, last forever. They will pass and the sooner you can bring Love back into the equation, the better your life will be. Though the most ideal way for you to know how to do this, is for us to first, delve into how we currently do loss. Then, how we can break that cycle and develop some helpful habits and steps for healthily coping with grief and suffering.

It does not matter which type of loss event brought you here, know that as you continue interacting with our posts, you will find the answers as to how you can easily move beyond any kind of loss and create your better everyday life.

We share learnings from a different perspective. Sharing how you can stop the suffering and grieving and start more consciously living and loving.

It’s about you gaining a loss intelligence, that will ensure that next time loss comes to visit, you will not suffer and grieve for as long. There will no longer be the need to go into avoidance. Or to suffer in silence. Nor have your health, quality of life, relationships, professional, financial and other areas of your life affected by what has happened.

As you will be able to easily apply the skills and understandings from embracing the Intelligence you have gained regarding Loss.

We will take you through the “Gift of Loss” intelligence that will provide you with a five-step process, that you will be able to utilise for the rest of your life.

We still can’t figure out why this is not a high school subject.

All our lives would have been so much easier if it had been.

So, connect and follow up. That way you be alerted the next time we post and share our Beyond Loss intelligence that enables you to design a life that you will live and love, every day.

The life that you were born to live!

Reach out any time.

Until we meet again, remember that you are simply the best!

Karen and Lesley


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