Navigating Loss: STOP Saying These Cliches

Loss is a deeply emotional and universal experience, and as such, it has given rise to various clichés and sayings that attempt to capture its complex nature.

Have you noticed how these cliché’s don’t usually resonate when you’re grieving?

It can be all so conflicting. Makes you wonder if they ever assisted people to deal with moving on or going back to some form of normalcy.

Maybe it did originally because the same things have been told for hundreds of years, perhaps with a few feel-good twists:

  • Just give it time
  • Keep busy
  • It could have been a lot worse
  • Stay positive
  • Be grateful

Then, when you take a little longer than a couple of weeks, you start to notice that many of your friends, family and colleagues feel that you should be over this by now, so they, change the subject or stop seeing you, or cross the road to avoid you.

Which leaves you all alone, not knowing what to do and suffering in silence.

No wonder the western world have trillion-dollar therapist, pharmaceutical and alcohol industries. And that the suicide rate has grown to such high proportions.

It’s also important to recognise that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with grief.

It’s even more important for you to rethink your approach to consoling those who are grieving.

Loss is an everyday occurrence. Yet there seems to be no incentive to assist people to learn how to easily move beyond it or to be there for someone who is grieving.

Quite strange when you consider that we all live in the information age.

This is why Karen went searching as logically, there had to be a better way……. even if it meant combining a few different modalities and coming up with a few of her own.

Reach out if you’d like to know the most ideal way to be there for someone.

Until we meet again, please remember that You Are Simply the BEST!

Karen & Lesley

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