Choose You: A More Loving Way

Life is a journey of ups and downs, like the rhythm of a heartbeat. But would a straight-line existence bring us the joy and meaning we seek?

Probably not.

The peaks and valleys, the unexpected challenges, are what give life its richness.

In this week’s newsletter I share my ignorant response in choosing strength over self-care after Dan my son’s tragic passing.

After doing loss and life the hard way I went looking for a more loving way to navigate loss and adversity.

Finding that the universe supports those who choose themselves.

“Choosing You: A More Loving Healing Way” invites you to lead with your heart, embracing the process of healing and self-discovery after life’s challenges.

It’s time to choose yourself.

Explore “The Gift of Loss” – an eye-opening look at the various forms of loss we all face. Reflect on your own experiences and recognise the transformations they’ve brought into your life.

Laura’s testimonial showcases how embracing a new perspective can lead to a dramatic change, often reducing the need for medication. You can love your life and jump out of bed each morning with enthusiasm.

The newsletter ends with a reminder that you deserve love, fulfillment, and beautiful experiences.

The path to moving beyond limitations lies in healing through the journey of loss.
You have the power to create the life you desire.

Please grab a cuppa and take a few minutes to discover what might be holding you back.

As it’s time for you to remember that You are Simply The Best!

Read the full newsletter hereand unlock the secrets to thriving beyond limitations.


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