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Avoidance tactics are often used as coping mechanisms to temporarily alleviate emotional pain associated with loss. Though in excess, your life begins to spiral.

However, they are generally not effective in the long run and can have negative consequences if relied upon excessively.

Recognising and addressing these avoidance behaviours is crucial to progress towards healthier, more constructive ways of grieving and healing.

In order to assist you with this we are doing a series of posts that delve into the eight most common avoidance tactics.

Today is day one and we are looking at:


Many people may turn to These substances can provide a short-lived escape from the grief and sadness but there are many negative effects, Such as

  • Personal:

    Using substances like food, alcohol, or drugs to cope with grief can lead to physical and mental health issues, including obesity, addiction and poor emotional well-being.

  • Relationships:

    It can strain relationships, as addiction or dependency on substances may cause conflicts and a lack of emotional presence with loved ones.

  • Work:

    Addiction and related health problems can lead to absenteeism, reduced productivity and potential job loss.

  • Financial:

    Excessive spending on substances can strain finances, leading to debt and financial instability.


To assist you to self-assess whether you are using these tactics to avoid dealing with their grief here are:

Five Contemplations for YOU to Ponder:

  • Do I find myself overindulging in food, alcohol, or drugs as a way to escape or numb my grief?
  • Am I using these substances to cope with emotional pain rather than addressing my feelings?
  • Have I noticed a significant change in my consumption of these substances since my loss?
  • Do I feel dependent on these substances to get through the day?
  • Have others expressed concern about my consumption of these substances?

If you find that they are, please reach out to us for support and guidance, so we can assist you to transition to more constructive grieving strategies.

Until we meet again, please remember that you are Simply the BEST!

Karen and Lesley


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