Exploring the Art of Mental Trickery

Today we are exploring something we have all experienced at some point ~ mental deception.

Have you ever caught yourself believing a story your mind has crafted then come to the realisation its nothing but a clever illusion.

According to current research in the field of Neuroscience our brains are masters at self-deception, weaving stories that have no roots in reality.

The stories we tell ourselves

  • “You are not good enough”
  • “You are not loveable”
  • “You are not capable”
  • “You are a failure”

Sound Familiar?

The mind makes no distinctions between what is real and what it perceives as reality.

Yes, that is correct!

So how about we change the narrative and banish these perceived ideas for new more empowering ones.

Let’s unveil these perceptions and illusions for what they are and create new stories for our mind to run with. Embrace the possibilities of a new more powerful reality which highlights your strengths and worth.

  • Acknowledge you have been deceiving yourself
  • Set yourself a challenge to create new beliefs
  • Every time you pass a mirror, the glass on a building tell yourself something positive – If you are alone shout it out loud. Hear yourself say these words. Allow them to infiltrate your brain.

We are our own creator of personal growth and fulfilment. By reinforcing the narrative of self-compassion, self-love we rise up and not only create a world where we have the power to reside in a world where we treat ourselves well but in doing so, we create ripples that affect the people who inhabit our families, workspace and our community.

Be kind to yourself and create the mental mind you want to live in because in doing so you create your own new reality.

Remember the mind can’t distinguish so why not have the one you want.

Mental trickery when applied to oneself is a complex aspect of human psychology. It often serves as a coping mechanism or a way to protect self-esteem or reduce cognitive dissonance.

 However, it’s important to be aware of these tendencies, as they can sometimes lead to self-limiting behaviours, a lack of personal growth, or an inability to confront challenging truths about oneself. Self-awareness and introspection are essential for understanding and managing these aspects of your own psychology.

 Reach out anytime.


Until we meet again, please remember You Are Simply the BEST!!


Karen and Lesley



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